Guiding Principles

Christ Centered

Rafiki Africa’s comprehensive approach is Christ Centered. We believe that every person should have an opportunity to end spiritual poverty.


Hope brings optimum health. New hope in a community brings the motivation and commitment to reach their goals and mission.

Compassion, Respect and Dignity

Rafiki Africa believes that every person deserves maximum compassion, respect and dignity. This is extended to all the people we serve, our volunteers, partners and everyone else we cross paths with. When a community starts to experience high level of respect and dignity their self worth increases to a level where they can step up to bigger responsibilities and commitments that brings change in their personal lives and entire community. We show compassion, respect and dignity with the hope that the communities we serve and the people we work with will start to make this principle part of their daily life style.

Community Engagement and Ownership

No sustainable results can be achieved without community engagement and ownership with those being served. Rafiki’s Optimum health community strategy is the first steps of inception of the project and part of the road map to achieving goals. With Rafiki Africa staff serving as a catalyst and mentor, the local community members sit down to plan the kind of community they want to live in and what they have to do to achieve their dreams and goals. The community gets to own its own future.
Workers, board members and leaders are selected from the local community. The local leadership works in collaboration with other volunteers and USA teams to bridge some of the cultural and local government requirements.

Empowerment and Accountability

Our strategic plans must answer two questions: Will these actions empower the communities we serve? What is the accountability process?
Our goal is to only engage in activities that will empower the community to reach their goals and to be self- sustaining. The communities we serve and everyone we work with are held accountable in their actions. This requires that we engage is high standards of equipping and empowerment.

Multiplication and Sustainability

We purposefully weave together processes of each project in a way that it can be multiplied and sustained – first locally in the community then nationally and lastly international. Our goal is always to multiply our resources, workers, people served and disciples. We research and apply economical and sustainable systems that are useful to the communities we serve.

Professionalism and Pride

We expect every one that serves with Rafiki Africa to do their work in a professional manner and with such pride of the quality that the people we serve would desire to be fully engaged in our work.
Professionalism is a pre-requisite for our work. We value the ability to work as a team toward a common vision while respecting every individual and community we serve; every member of the team; and the environment we serve in. Rafiki Africa takes pride in our professional staff, interns, volunteers and partners.

Partnerships and Networking

We believe that we must link hands with people who share the same global vision to end poverty and suffering. Together we can transform lives and communities and end their suffering. Rafiki Africa creates opportunities for networking and partnerships for all our work and for the communities we serve to be engaged in a global community.

Rafiki Africa is proud to partner with Harrisburg Area Community College Department of global education, Decent Life Volunteers, Worthington Adventist Church and Worship Center.