Who We Are


Rafiki Africa Foundation (Rafiki Africa) is a Christian faith based, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization focused on poverty alleviation with a sustainable comprehensive approach.


Rafiki Africa was born out of love, compassion, and a personal journey of the founder, Dorothy Dulo.

Born and raised in Kenya, I witnessed people struggling to survive through very difficult uncontrolled living conditions. Lack of clean water, education, health care, food and shelter were some of the acceptable daily realities.

After attending college in the USA for 5 years, I made my first visit to my home town. It was still very beautiful. It brought back a lot of childhood memories. I wanted to be part of the community in a way that I had known. That was not possible. One thing had changed. Many of my peers and family had died and some on their death beds due to HIV/AIDS and other preventable tropical diseases. The young adult and teenage population was fading very fast. A lot of orphans were left to fend for themselves day after day.

My parents had taken in some orphans and were giving basic early childhood reading and writing skills in their home. After a short three week visit, my heart was so disturbed with what I witnessed. On return to the USA, I sensed a call to be a ‘bridge of hope’ to my community. I was reminded of my personal journey from childhood to college. I knew God was calling me to use this experience to bring hope to my community and the continent of Africa. It was a very scary thought and I had a lot of questions.

In 1996 the story of Rafiki Africa started with $8 a month to sponsor one child to the local government school. I was so afraid of making commitment. I knew I could not afford anything big. I accepted it as a personal mission. Every year the budget increased and the number of children increased. In 1998 a class of 12 kindergarten children was started in my village in Alendu. Every year one class was added.

In 2007 my husband, Roger Godfrey and I founded Rafiki Africa Foundation. Today Rafiki Africa works in the community of Alendu serving over 300 students, 400 families and thousands of children.