Why Invest in Rafiki?

Rafiki Africa approach to ending poverty is comprehensive and holistic. When you invest in Rafiki Africa we work hard to ensure that every investment is put to use to fulfill Rafiki’s mission and to empower the communities we serve. Your support is a gift that will keep giving. Here are a few examples:

  1. When a student graduates from Rafiki education program they will be a responsible adult contributing to their community and nations economy and breaking the cycle of poverty.
  2. When a woman starts their own business they will be able to support their family by affording health care, good nutrition, education for their children and contributing to their local church and community projects.
  3. When a community is provided with clean water well, many families will be able to grow food for their use and to supply their local community; and the cycle of water borne diseases will be reduced and eventually eradicated. Children will be able to go to school and not spend the day walking miles in search for water.
  4. When a girl is educated the effect of their education trickles down to their family, community, country and the world. She will be able to decrease the risk of poverty significantly in the next generation.

Your investment will touch lives and change destinies for generations. Rafiki Africa is committed to being good stewards of all the resources we receive.