Work With Us


Volunteer opportunities are available in Lancaster, PA. These include event planning, development work, mail processing and other minor office work.

Limited volunteer opportunities are available in Alendu, Kenya. These include social work, women’s skill training and social economic projects, agriculture, medical work, teaching    (K-8th grade), water projects, solar and wind energy.

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Short Term Missions and Long Term Missions

Rafiki offers multiple missionary opportunities in all the areas we serve in.

See the opportunities for 2014 here.

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Medical Teams

Rafiki offers opportunities for health care providers and students gain experience while providing quality care in Alendu, Kenya. Medical teams are formed each year for short term medical trips. Long-term medical missionaries are also needed.

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Rafiki offers multiple college internship opportunities in all the areas we serve in.

  1. Food Security – Opportunities are available for interns to engage and support the community in Alendu to put in place sustainable projects that will end food shortage. These include sustainable food production, storage and marketing; clean water sourcing and usage; environmental preservation; and renewable energy use.
  2. Community health and healing – Interns will participate in helping establish a sustainable health system that can meet the needs of the local people in Rachuonyo.
  3. Community Education – Interns will participate in evaluating the current education program and making recommendations in collaboration with local education leaders. Opportunities are also available in providing leadership and training to staff.
  4. Rafiki Women and Girls – This program has a lot of internship opportunities. These include leadership training, skills training, small business training and support, developing a structure for the girls’ program and supporting current women’s training program. Interns will have an opportunity to participate in research, grant writing, planning, implementation and reporting on the projects progress.  Contact us at with a statement of your interest.


Rafiki currently has the following opportunities to serve with us. For further information, please e-mail your interest to

The following positions are available for missionaries, interns and those seeking employment.

  • School Principal – LightHouse Academy, Alendu, Kenya
  • Community Nurse/Social Worker – LightHouse Academy, Alendu, Kenya
  • Project Manager – Alendu, Kenya
  • Food Security Coordinator – Alendu, Kenya
  • Agriculture Coordinator – Alendu, Kenya